Balloon sinuplasty is a procedure in which a specialist guides an endoscope into the sinuses through the nostrils, and then inflates a small balloon in order to create widened sinus passages and allow proper drainage. This procedure, pioneered in 2005, is one of the safest, most effective ways of treating blocked sinuses, and we’re proud to offer it at our office!

It may sound like inflating a balloon in your sinuses may not be very effective in the long term, but it has actually shown long-term success in treating sinusitis.   In addition to not involving removal of any parts of your sinuses, balloon sinuplasty hardly requires any recovery time at all. With no removal of tissue, there is far less chance of infection, a far lower cost, and a much greater chance of full recovery! There are hardly any down sides to this procedure, and while it isn’t a solution to every sinus-related problem, it’s worth investigating.

The process of using a balloon to open up sinus passages was actually pioneered for use in clogged blood vessels to treat heart disease, and if it’s safe enough to use inside of blood vessels, it’s a perfect technique for sensitive areas like your face.

If you’re tired of constant sinus pressure, and have given up on ever getting any relief from over-the-counter or even prescription nasal sprays, consider asking your ENT specialist about a balloon sinuplasty! The results are usually permanent, and that means permanent relief!