Do you live in Atlanta and have chronic sinus problems? Here at Atlanta ENT, we offer a procedure called balloon sinuplasty which can provide the benefits of corrective surgery with a quick recovery and early return to work and play.

When surgery is the only option for people who struggle with chronic sinus problems ranging from sinusitis to sinus pressure, balloon sinuplasty may cure them in less time, with fewer risks than traditional endoscopic sinus surgery .

Balloon sinuplasty is a process that was pioneered for use in blocked arteries, in which a special balloon is inserted into your sinuses, and then is inflated to open the passages in order to allow for proper draining and air flow.   Since this technique is sensitive enough to be used inside blood vessels, it’s perfect for your sinuses!

The best part of balloon sinuplasty is that in many situations it can be done right here in our office, saving you the time and money you would spend by checking in to the outpatient surgery center.  With this procedure, you can leave our office walking to your car.

So if you live in Atlanta and want an end to your sinus problems, call your Atlanta ENT specialist about getting evaluated for a balloon sinuplasty! It might change your life!

Ramie Tritt, MD, President, Atlanta ENT