Wichita, Kansas

Fall Allergy Capitals: What Cities are the Worst for Fall Allergies?

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has released its yearly rankings for the Fall Allergy Capitals. The data used to determine which cities in America are the worst for allergy suffers includes pollen counts, amount of allergy medications sold and number of board certified allergists.

The good news for Atlanta is that we are far from the worst, coming in at 74 out of the 100 cities named. If you suffer from Fall allergies, you may want to keep the list in mind when planning travel. The top 20 are as follows:

  1. Wichita, Kansas
  2. Jackson, Mississippi
  3. Knoxville, Tennessee
  4. Louisville, Kentucky
  5. Memphis, Tennessee
  6. McAllen, Texas
  7. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  8. Dayton, Ohio
  9. Chattanooga, Tennessee

10. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

11. New Orleans, Louisiana

12. Madison, Wisconsin

13. Omaha, Nebraska

14. Little Rock, Arkansas

15. Tulsa, Oklahoma

16. Buffalo, New York

17. Grand Rapids, Michigan

18. Dallas, Texas

19. Detroit, Michigan

20. Toledo, Ohio

Knowledge is key. If you do plan to travel to one of these areas during Fall pollen season, be sure to discuss your preventative options with your allergist. For the full list, visit the AAFA Allergy Capital site.