An asthma trigger is anything that causes irritation to the airways and causes the symptoms of your asthma to flair up. Not everyone with asthma has the same triggers, so it’s important to pay attention to your asthma flair ups and keep a journal to pinpoint what triggers affect you.

Common household triggers include:

  • Smoking and second hand smoke- Tobacco smoke is a very common trigger for asthma attacks. If someone in your home smokes, or you smoke, an asthma diagnosis is the perfect reason to quit. See your pharmacy or doctor for advice to help you succeed in smoking cessation.
  • Dust mites- Dust mites live in most every home, and can be challenging to avoid. Washing linens, vacuuming floors and airing out the home as much as possible can help reduce dust mites.
  • Pets- Pets with feathers or fur are often behind asthma attacks. Keep your pet’s regularly bathed, do not allow them to sleep in beds or on furniture and try to keep your bedroom a “pet free zone” to minimize exposure.
  • Mold and fungi- Damp homes breed mold and fungi, some of which are very dangerous. If your house floods or feels humid, seek professional help.

Ramie Tritt, M.D., President, Atlanta ENT