Finding childcare that you are comfortable with is hard enough when you have young children, but if your child has been diagnosed with asthma, finding the perfect childcare provider can seem overwhelming. With patience and care, you can find the right daycare center that has the experience you need to feel comfortable.

When contacting potential daycare providers, be certain to let them know that your child has asthma at the beginning of the conversation. Find out if they have an asthma policy. An asthma policy is  set of rules that cover how a child with asthma will be cared for. You want this policy to be written, so that you can have a copy and so that you can be assured that all of the staff knows the plan.

The asthma plan should cover any training (such as CPR) caregivers have received, what the policies of the daycare center are in regards to rescue inhalers or epi-pens, how immediate access is to these types of medications and procedures the staff will follow in the event an asthma attack turns into an emergency situation requiring immediate medical treatment.

If you know your children’s triggers, make sure that the daycare center know them, but also will assure you that measures will be taken to avoid the triggers. For example, if your child’s trigger is a furry animal, does the daycare center have a policy in place to prevent animals from entering the building or being used as classroom pets?

Open dialogue and probing questions are the best way to rule out daycare centers or childcare providers ill equipped to meet your child’s needs.

Ramie Tritt, M.D., President, Atlanta ENT