Emotional Wellness

Making Healthy Life Choices in 2015

If making healthier life choices in 2015 tops your New Year’s resolution list, make sure it includes improving your ENT health–that of your ears, nose and throat. Healthier changes that can improve your physical and mental health can also improve your ENT health. If you have had more than your...

Feeling Good Is A Choice

We usually think that we need certain things to happen for us to feel content, relaxed, happy and secure.  When things turn out the way want them to, we feel good.  When things don’t turn out the way we want them to, we feel not so good. But paying a...

Think Better Thoughts

There are lots of things we need to think about on a daily basis, things like, what we have to accomplish today, what time we need to get the kids to a play-date, the questions we might have for our doctor at an upcoming office visit. But there are lots...

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