As the fall ragweed allergy season descends upon us, cases of sinusitis are bound to ramp up as well. Sinusitis, an inflammation of the sinus tissue and passages, goes hand in hand with allergies, hay fever and even the common cold. For those who suffer from it, the ailment can be a nightmare. Here’s a look at a few common sinusitis problems, and how you can get relief.

Nasal Problems

A clogged, stuffy nose that results in difficulty breathing is one of the common primary symptoms of sinusitis. The blocked sinus passages cause mucus to back up so that breathing from the nose becomes a chore.

As the mucus backs up in the nasal passages, excess runs out, causing an uncomfortable nasal discharge. People with sinusitis can go through tissue paper by the ton. With a clogged and runny nose, being able to smell properly is often a distant memory during allergy season.

Coughing and Congestion

If not treated, blockage from sinusitis can run down the sinus passages and back up into the chest. This can cause coughing and congestion. This congestion can also cause pressure to build up in the face. Often, this is evident by areas around the eyes, cheekbones and sinuses being sensitive to the touch.

Bronchitis and Ear Infections

If sinusitis goes untreated, the blockage and inflammation can back up and transition into other illnesses including bronchitis and ear infections. These are even more serious conditions that can cause a number of complications.

As your body works to fight off the inflammation, you can become feverish, especially if the inflamed regions become infected. Along with the fever comes fatigue. This is another symptom of the body working hard to fight off the inflammation and infection.

Mouth Problems

One of the lesser-known sinusitis problems, bad breath often plagues sufferers. This is because the bacteria that cause bad breath reside at the back of your tongue. As mucus slides down the back of your throat, it accumulates and feeds this bacteria.

As sinusitis increases, the pressure and pain in the face can move down into the jaws and teeth, causing dental pain. If not treated, the bacteria in the backed-up mucus can even cause infections and periodontal disease.

Causes and Types of Sinusitis

Almost 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis annually. There are a variety of causes for the illness, which include common colds, allergies, nasal polyps and even having a deviated septum. These causes can result in acute, chronic or recurrent cases, all of which have different treatments to address the problem.


If you have any of the symptoms of sinusitis, you shouldn’t wait. While it can clear up on its own, it can also develop into much greater problems. Make an appointment with a qualified Atlanta ENT doctor to have the problem taken care of. Your doctor can get you cleared up and breathing free fast.

If you have sinusitis problems and need treatment, we are here to help. Read a bit more about the illness, and give us a call for an appointment today.