Botox loves you

New York Times has a heated debate going on that has both celebrities and every day people like us weighing in on their opinions about plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments like Botox, facial peels, tummy tucks and liposuction. Not a right versus wrong debate, this one is over whether or not people should be more open about their appearance, and if they have had enhancements or procedures done to achieve their youthful appearances.

Advocates of spilling the beans say that today’s youth are trying to live up to impossible standards, not knowing that their role models have had surgical help to look as they do. As a result, these kids grow up with self-esteem issues and are often depressed when they feel they can’t compare.

Those on the other side of the debate argue that it is not a matter of being ashamed of needing or wanting aesthetic work, but a privacy concern.

What are your thoughts? You can read all of the juicy details here.

By Jill Liphart, Social Media Director, Atlanta ENT