When you think of plastic surgery, permanent cosmetics or even Botox, you probably picture a woman. As we’ve seen in the upswing of sales for beauty products for men, it’s no surprise that we are also seeing more men opting for medical procedures to enhance their appearance.

So what procedures are men most likely to seek? Hair transplants top the list in most countries, but men are also opting for liposuction to help with defined abs, rhinoplasty to reshape the nose, blepharoplasty to remove years from around the eyes, and male breast reduction.

Popular aesthetic treatments for men include Botox to reduce wrinkles, laser hair removal of the face and body, chemical peels to make skin look smoother and more healthy, and dermal fillers to lift sagging skin.

Some areas of the world, like India, report that four of every ten patients of plastic surgeons are now men. While we aren’t quite there yet in the United States, we likely aren’t far behind.

What are your thoughts? Are younger generations of men as concerned about their looks as women? For our male readers, would you consider cosmetic surgery?

By Jill Liphart, Social Media Director, Atlanta ENT