Ear blockage is potentially very serious, and should only be dealt with by professionals. While most people think of ear blockage as coming from wax in the ears, the reality is that ear blockage can be caused by blockage of the nose due to swelling of the nose tissues and structural nose problems, such as a deviated nasal septum.    A thorough ENT examination, including a look deep in the nose, will help discover such nose related issues that may be able to be resolved with medication.

Even in the case of wax buildup and blockage, you can cause permanent damage to your ear by trying to remove it yourself.  You may feel perfectly qualified to clean your own ears, but when it comes to blockages, you have neither the tools nor the angle to effectively remove wax or other objects from your ear.  Putting tools or Q-tips into your ear to attempt to remove a blockage can often only impact the blockage deeper into your ear, making the situation even worse.

It’s particularly important to seek professional help in the case of children who have gotten objects stuck in their ears, as any hearing loss they suffer as a result of trying to remove an object from their ears can be permanent and stay with them for the rest of their lives.

An ear blockage sounds like a silly problem until it happens to you or a loved one.  We urge you to take all ear blockages seriously, regardless of what is causing the blockage, before it becomes dangerous to your health!