There are many reasons that teeth yellow or become discolored over time, and for some people, the over the counter teeth whitening systems are not enough. Liquid Smile is a prescription strength teeth whitening gel that you can only get from a healthcare or dental professional.

Benefits include:

  • It’s easy to use- Does not require messy trays or strips.
  • It’s powerful- Liquid Smile contains 12% hydrogen peroxide, more than any other teeth whitening product available.
  • It’s pain free- The product is used at home, so no uncomfortable dentist visits are required.
  • It’s effective- Most people begin to see noticeable results after the second or third application.

How to Use Liquid Smile

Liquid Smile is a prescription strength gel that comes in a pen like applicator. After brushing and flossing, simply twist the pen to activate gel onto the brush, and paint a thin layer of the gel across each tooth. Because it goes on smooth and the brush allows for accuracy, it is possible to target only individual teeth that need it the most, or to brighten all of your teeth for a perfect smile.

The gel is made using only the purest ingredients, and the oxygen bubbles begin to remove stain molecules as soon as the gel is applied. You can expect results that are just as bright as you would receive in a dentist office, without the high price tag of custom trays.

Ramie A. Tritt, MD, President of Atlanta ENT