Earpieces aren’t something that people usually spend a lot of time thinking about, and yet the fact remains that earpieces can make a world of difference in your life. You may already know that we at Atlanta ENT have a full range of hearing aids and diagnostic hearing tests, but what you may not know is that we also carry a wide variety of ear plugs and ear pieces for use in everyday life.

Here are some of the varieties that we carry:

  • Musician ear plugs
  • Swim plugs
  • Custom molds for headphones
  • And more

If you only wear earplugs or headphones for short stretches at a time, the varieties at a local convenience store will likely suffice for you. However, if you swim, play music, or listen to music every day, you should treat yourself to a set that won’t rub or chafe, and will provide you with both the functionality and the comfort that you deserve.

Particularly in the case of earbud headphones, here at Atlanta ENT we can custom mold you a pair that will fit your ear like a glove, giving you a superior sound and superior comfort.

Swimmers, too, need a pair that gives them a perfect seal but doesn’t cause discomfort during exertion. In the summer, when people are more likely to swim, it’s especially important to wear earplugs in order to prevent bacteria from getting trapped in the ear while swimming. Swimmer’s ear (Otitis externa) is far more common in those who don’t wear well-fitted earplugs, so spare yourself the pain of infection and make an appointment to see your local Atlanta ENT specialist!

Ramie A. Tritt, MD, President, Atlanta ENT