Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but if you have yet to brave the aisles of red and pink plush bears, heart shaped boxes of chocolates and singing greeting cards, you may be in luck. A new study by the Good Surgeon Guide shows that women want Botox for a gift this year.

The study polled a group of women, asking them what type of cosmetic treatment they would prefer to be given as a gift. Overwhelmingly they said they would want some type wrinkle-fighting procedure, with 78 percent suggesting Botox.

Second on the list was teeth whitening or dermal fillers. The women surveyed said to avoid laser hair removal, skin tightening and leg vein removal procedures as surprise gifts.

However, our advice is that you either choose a procedure she has had and was thrilled with the results, or choose a gift certificate that leaves the choice in her hands. Cosmetic procedures are often high on women’s want lists, but often low on their need list, so a gift certificate is a great choice to encourage her to indulge.

By Jill Liphart, Online Marketing Director, Atlanta ENT