Traditional sinus surgery is very effective, but it is also the number one cited fear of those that suffer from ongoing sinusitis. The fear makes sense, when you consider the horror stories you hear nightmarish talk about the seemingly miles of packing gauze and post-surgery pain. Luckily, those techniques are on the way out, and an in office procedure called balloon sinuplasty is a dream come true for fearful patients.

Balloon sinuplasty uses a small balloon catheter, much like what is used in heart surgery. The catheter is threaded into the problem sinus cavity and the balloon slowly inflated. Both the catheter and the balloon are made of very soft material that doesn’t tear or cut the lining of the sinuses. Instead, the balloon gently opens the passage.

The procedure has very low risks of complications, and most people are back at work the very next day. Aftercare might involve a saline nose spray, antibiotics or steroids, but no gauze.

The best candidates for balloon sinuplasty are those with either sinusitis that is non-responsive to medication, or those that have reoccurring sinusitis. Talk to your doctor today to see if balloon sinuplasty can put an end to your sinus pain.