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Online Reviews

Dana S.


"Dr Tritt is absolutely wonderful! I moved here from Houston after having surgery on 6/13 and got an infection. The office staff got me right in and Jimmy makes each visit painless! Dr Tritt quickly worked to stop my infection from getting any worse and I’m already feeling much better!"

Melvin K.


"Whenever I come into the Atlanta ENT clinic, I feel like I am coming home, they are always smiling and joking around with me to help make me feel comfortable. I highly recommend Atlanta ENT!"

Patrice L.


"My husband saw Dr. Tritt due to his Sleep Apnea his comment “Due to my sleep apnea and the issues being caused by it I had begin to feel hopeless I had a bad experience with a Dr. Mickelson and I had begin to think there wasn’t going to be anything that could be done but when I met Dr. Tritt all of that changed He examined me and told me what he could do for me and reassured me that things will get better and they did I thank Dr. Tritt is an excellent doctor thank you Dr. Tritt.”"


Christian A.


"Great Team. Great Doctor."

Neerja B.


"What an experience!! Dr. Thomas walker is a fantastic doctor!! Very skilled, detail oriented and has in depth subject matter expertise!!"

Melissa O.

"My sweetie wasn't hearing well so I took him to Atlanta ENT to get his ear cleaned out and a hearing test done. Looks like he will be getting some hearing aids! Dr. Prince has a pleasant caring demeanor. Very knowledgeable and helpful, too!"






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