Smartphones can do just about anything short of cooking us breakfast these days. From finding a good restaurant to helping people with disabilities, our phones are some of the most powerful devices we have. Now, the speakers combined with Bluetooth technology may provide help to those with hearing impairments, adding a new level of aid and convenience that has never before been available. Use this blog to get a better understanding of bluetooth hearing aid technology.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology used to connect devices without the traditional need for cables. For example, a keyboard can be used wirelessly with a smartphone, tablet or computer. An earphone no longer needs to be connected with a wire that can break or be tangled.

The technology has been around for a long time and is commonplace among mobile devices. It can be used with headphones or to connect a smartphone to an automobile with integrated receivers. It is now changing the face of the industry for hearing aids.

Android and iPhone hearing aids

Up until now, hands-free technology has been used to aid against driver distraction, or to enable video chat with friends and family. Now, however, the microphone and speaker in your smartphone can be utilized to function as a hearing aid, which is more convenient than traditional solutions and can save money in the long run.

In addition to allowing the phone itself to function as a hearing aid, current technology allows smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth-equipped devices to play directly into existing hearing aids.

Why This Is an Advantage

Normally, hearing aids simply amplify sounds from external sources. This introduces static and distortion from background noises and is not the most ideal form of hearing amplification. By streaming signals directly to the Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid, this distortion is eliminated. The hearing aid itself becomes the speaker with no external amplification needed.

When listening to music, listening to sound from a video stream, or similar, the sound will be clearer and sharper. In addition, users will be able to use an app to control the settings of the sound, adjusting balance, harmony, treble, bass and other aspects of the stream to reach an ideal sound for them.

Adjusting to Lifestyle

Among the most impressive adaptations this new technology offers is the ability to save settings. This means that users can have pre-sets for their living room, the park and their favorite café all saved right in the app. When visiting a location, the user simply has to call up the appropriate pre-set and they are ready to go.

Such technology allows users to adjust their hearing aid to suit their lifestyle, something that until now has simply not been possible. These options allow people with hearing impairments to do the things they love to do at a level never-before available. It truly is a game-changing application of existing technological options.

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