Sinusitis - AtlantaENT


Nearly 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis each year. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the lining of the sinuses, also known as the sinus membranes.

Symptoms of sinusitis include:

  • Headache
  • Pain and pressure around the eyes, cheek or forehead
  • Nasal congestion or blockage
  • Facial swelling
  • Yellow or green discharge
  • Low-grade fever
  • Cough

What Causes Sinusitis?

Most sinus infections begin with the common cold. The swelling and congestion may block the sinus openings, decrease drainage ability and allow an infection to develop.
Patients that suffer repeated sinusitis may have a pre-existing condition to blame, such as a deviated septum, nasal polyps or allergies.

  • Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches are associated with pain around the eyes, cheeks and forehead. Occasionally, patients may complain of pain deep in the head. The pain may worsen as you bend forward or make sudden head movements. A sinus headache may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as nasal stuffiness, discharge, facial swelling or fever.

  • What Causes Sinus Headaches

There are a number of causes of sinus headaches, including allergies, colds, infections, deviated nasal septum, turbinate hypertrophy, nasal polyps and changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature or humidity.

  • How Can Sinusitis and Sinus Headaches Be Treated?

Decongestants, antihistamines and steroid sprays are the most common treatment options for sinus problems. If an infection is present, antibiotics may be prescribed. If ongoing problems persist, surgery is often helpful in preventing further sinus issues.