(169/365) Urrghh....

New research shows that seasonal weather changes can be a trigger for migraine headaches. Barometric pressure is one of the most commonly found causes for migraine headaches that flair up when the weather changes quickly, something that those of us in Atlanta are familiar with this year. It has also been found that histamines that trigger allergy symptoms can cause migraine headaches, as well, and that people with seasonal allergies are more prone to migraine headaches.

Because of this, it is recommended to treat allergy symptoms when they start, or use preventative medications, as recommended by your doctor, to decrease the severity and odds of getting a migraine headache.

Because the start of a true migraine headache can mimic seasonal allergy flair ups, it can be hard to guess if you are having a sinus pressure headache or the early stages of a migraine headache. Both often begin with a symptom list that includes watery eyes, congestion, runny nose, fatigue and general discomfort.

If you suffer from headaches, and also have allergy symptoms, visit your allergist to help determine if your allergies are the real cause of your pain.

Ramie A. Tritt, M.D., President, Atlanta ENT