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4 Ways to Ease Sinus Pain Naturally

Sinus pressure and pain are awful. They can make you feel like your head is going to explode. It becomes hard to focus, and lying down can be just as painful as sitting up. A good ear, nose and throat doctor can of course help with these issues, but sometimes you need relief at home to hold you over until you get there. Here are a few natural remedies that can help to ease sinus pressure and pain.

Nasal Flush

Good old-fashioned saline spray and neti pot washes can be a wonder remedy for sinus pain. Used properly, these washes can be a primary defense against sinusitis. They help to thin the mucus and clean out the nasal passages, which in turn relieves pressure and alleviates pain. Especially for those with recurrent problems, this can be a good way to keep symptoms at bay.


Steam is a great natural remedy to moisten sinuses, and especially when combined with menthol or eucalyptus, can loosen up debris and mucus in your sinus cavities. The hot steam is great for opening up your nasal cavities and alleviating all that pressure and pain. A good way to accomplish steam treatments is to fill a pot or bowl with boiling water and place your face overtop, covering your head with a towel. This helps you to breathe in the steam.

If steam isn’t a viable option, try using a humidifier, which moistens the air and has a similar effect.

Stay Hydrated

Drink a lot of fluids. This is a great remedy, not just for sinusitis but for many minor health problems ranging from headaches to the common cold. It’s also just a good way to stay healthy in general. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day and try to avoid alcohol and caffeine, as these cause dehydration. The more water you drink, the greater the chance your sinus pressure will subside.

Warm Compresses

Dampen a towel or washcloth with warm, almost hot, water and press it against your sinus cavities. This will moisten your nasal tissues, loosen up debris and help to remove mucus that is clogging up your cavities, causing discomfort, pressure and pain.

Following the warm compress with a cold one helps to restrain the nasal passages from getting clogged again. The variation of hot and cold also helps to relieve sinus pain.

For more information about sinusitis and how an ENT doctor can help you, take a look at our Sinusitis page and if you are in the Atlanta area, give us a call for a consultation today.

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