Fall Illnesses in Atlanta: What’s Going Around?

Summer is over and fall is upon us. With fall comes a host of ailments that circulate like wildfire and cause lots of discomfort. Knowing what tends to be going around in the autumn months can help you to defend against sickness and keep you healthy throughout the year. Here’s a look at some common fall illnesses in Atlanta.

Allergies and Hay Fever

Hay fever and fall ragweed allergy season are in full swing. Watch out for those itchy eyes, stuffy and runny nose, sneezing and sore or itchy throat. Allergies can be at the core of, or serve to exacerbate, other illnesses, including upper respiratory infections and asthma. As such, they should be taken seriously. They can be treated with over the counter medications or allergy shots. Even if you’ve never had allergies before, you can develop them at any time. 

The Common Cold

Usually a nuisance more than anything, colds are one of the most common fall illnesses in Atlanta. Symptoms of the common cold, caused by the rhinovirus, are similar to those of allergies — congestion, cough, runny nose, watery eyes — but can be accompanied by a low-grade fever and fatigue. It usually lasts for a week or so, and possibly up to ten days. There’s no “cure” for the common cold, but drinking plenty of fluids and resting can help alleviate symptoms.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are more likely at this time of year than any other. Even in warmer climes like Atlanta, the weather patterns change, which is conducive to developing these infections. Ear pain, nausea, lack of balance and fever can all be symptoms of ear infections. An illness of this kind should not be taken lightly; not taking care of the issue can cause all sorts of complications. Make it a point to get to a doctor if you or your child have the symptoms of this affliction.

The Flu

You’ve probably seen all of the advertisements for influenza shots around, and your doctor has probably encouraged you to get yours. The flu rages this time of year into the winter. Most people get over the flu in a week or two with plenty of fluids and rest. But for those with other ailments and for the old and the very young, influenza can be very dangerous. It is a respiratory illness that is spread by touch or through the air and affects up to a fifth of all people every year.


The norovirus is that nasty stomach bug that always seems to be going around. It causes cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, chills, fever and other symptoms. Fortunately, for most people it lasts only a couple of days. It afflicts over 20 million people every year, and spreads from person to person, by touch or by contaminated food. Rest and staying hydrated are the keys to beating this illness.

Fall illnesses in Atlanta seem to be in full swing, and they are some of the nastiest nuisance bugs there are. When you are having symptoms of any respiratory illness, it never hurts to see an ENT doctor. If you live in the Atlanta area and are feeling sick, give us a call for an appointment today.

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