Say Goodbye to Allergies Faster Than Ever Before- Atlanta ENT

Do your allergies get you down? Living in Atlanta can be hard, with its incredibly high pollen count in the summer, and it makes some people absolutely miserable. Did you know that you can cure your allergies with a treatment called immunotherapy? It’s a lengthy, intensive process than can almost be worse than the allergies themselves. As a result, many people just live with their allergies, preferring to simply cope with their current problems instead of undergoing a stressful procedure that lasts months.

Immunotherapy can require 20 visits to your doctor in the first three to six months, and then continual treatment for three years. While it works in the vast majority of patients, who wants to see their doctor that often? Not to mention that most people don’t want that many injections in their entire lives, much less in the span of a few months.

However, Atlanta ENT now offers a revolutionary therapy called rush immunotherapy which provides the same great benefits as traditional immunotherapy but in less than ten percent of the time to achieve a maintenance level.    This means that instead of 20 visits to the doctor to achieve maintenance level, it can be as simple as two or three visits before you’re on your way to freedom from allergies.. Coupling your allergy shots with medication allows your body to acclimate to your allergies in record time, leaving you the time you need to live your life instead of forcing you to practically live at the doctor’s office.

If you want to imagine what your life can be like without suffering from allergies, visit your Atlanta ENT specialist!

Ramie A Tritt, MD, President, Atlanta ENT

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