Sinus Trouble Still Going Around

Sinus season hits many people with the force of a load of bricks. With the end of the season, some may start to feel relief, while others continue to suffer. If you are feeling a lot of pressure, getting frequent headaches or feeling pain in your ears, your sinuses are most likely the culprit. People may experience sinus related issues well throughout the summer and even year around.

There are several factors that make the warm seasons affect patients with poor sinuses. If you are one of the many who suffer from lingering allergies, consider limiting your time outdoors or visiting your ENT doctor for a method of relief. Here are some continued factors that are causing sinus trouble to continue to go around through the summer months.

Heavy Rain

Rain is necessary and wonderful to sustain life and bring out the brilliant colors of summer, but there is also a downside to all those seasonal showers. Grass grows very quickly in the summer due to the increased rain and heat. People who suffer from allergies related to grasses will see continued problems with their sinuses throughout the summer months.

Rain also brings a lingering moisture, which fosters the development of mold spores. Mold is a common irritant to sinuses. These factors can lead to stuffy noses, headaches and painful pressure in the ears. This can lead to sinus infections, ear infection or other ENT related illnesses.


Like the rain, humidity can feed the development of mold spores in homes, buildings and recreational areas. Humidity can also irritate the sinuses and cause an increase in the output of mucous. Excess mucous is a sign of irritated ENT components and can lead to a multitude of health related issues.

Sinus Related Illnesses

When a person becomes afflicted with a sinus infection or cold, it is often due to a buildup of bacteria in the mucous membranes. This bacteria can spread from person to person, making for a miserable few days of the beautiful months of summer. These lingering illnesses often plague people throughout the year.

What Can You Do?

Seasonal allergies are nearly unavoidable. Most people who suffer from sinus problems often brace themselves for the spring and summer months, knowing that there will be days where they are stuck in a fog of seasonal allergy issues. The best way to combat sinus problems is to be proactive by taking a regiment and following a routine that has been suggested by your doctor. Stay up to date on the pollen counts and limit your time outdoors when they reach high levels.

Do not let the factors that irritate your sinuses cause you to miss out on the best days in the warm months. Speak with your ENT doctor about your lingering sinus problems before the summer is over.

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