Sleep Apnea and Energy Levels- Atlanta ENT

Do you find that your energy level isn’t what it should be, or even what it used to be, even if you’re getting a full night’s sleep? You might have sleep apnea!

As we’ve said before, sleep apnea is a frequently-misunderstood condition, and it often goes undiagnosed because it requires a sleep study in order to be properly identified. Many people think they don’t have the time to submit to a sleep study, and it can be hard to convince someone that they have sleep apnea when they think there’s nothing wrong with their sleeping. Sleep apnea treatment and diagnosis can often be seen as an “unnecessary” expense, particularly when other bills are mounting.

However, tiredness is one of the main signs of sleep apnea, as sufferers don’t necessarily wake up gasping for breath. Far more often, they simply wake up tired, as though they haven’t slept especially well.

That’s because they haven’t slept especially well!    Their body does not allow them to get into the deep stages of sleep, such as the dream stage of sleep, which produces the an alert and rested mind.    When your body can’t properly achieve a state of rest, your heart can’t rest, and it doesn’t give your kidneys and liver the time they need to filter toxins out of your system.   All of these together lead to a feeling of lethargy and tiredness throughout the day.

This can lead to a feeling of being a “zombie”, and difficulty in focusing or paying attention. Everyone feels tired sometimes, but if tiredness has become your new normal, and you can’t remember the last time you were truly energetic, consider making an appointment with your ENT specialist to be evaluated for sleep apnea!

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